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Title: A transition from spiritual enlightenment to social action: a survey on buddhism
Other Titles: Philosophical Papers, Journal of the Department of Philosophy, Vol. XX, March- 2024, pp- 265-277
Authors: Das, Kirtika
Keywords: Pratyekabuddhas
Engaged Buddhism
Self- revelation
Issue Date: Mar-2024
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: This paper intends to discuss how Buddhist ethical guidelines lead to practical engagement. There is discord regarding Buddhism's activeness towards society in the beginning. Here, we would know how individual awareness leads to social welfare in Buddhism. Buddhism has evolved, starting from Pratyekabuddhas up to Engaged Buddhism. The main point of contention is- Whether theravadins were socially active before the nineteenth century. An awakening mind tends to be congenial with humans and other living creatures. As we know, a Bodhisattva always wants to alleviate the sufferings of others. The Bodhisattva tradition also evolved with time. How do contemporary Buddhists respond to current issues? A theravadin is patently socially and politically active, but what about in the pre-contemporary period? Here, we would know about the shift from self-liberation to liberation for all.
ISSN: 0976-4496
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