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Title: A Cytogenetic Study of Seven Tea Clones [Camellia sinensis (L.) 0. Kuntze|
Other Titles: Journal of Plant Sciences,Vol.3, (March 2009) p 21-25
Authors: Roy, SC
Chakraborty, BN
Keywords: Camellia sinensis
Chromosome complement
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: Karyotype analyses in seven cultivated clones (cv. T78, T383, TV30, HV39, TecnAli17/1/54, TV29, und UPASI-26) of tea (Camellia sinensis) are investigated for their cytogenetic characterization. Karyotypes of the chromosomes (2n = 30) were grouped arbitrarily on the basis of their length and position of the centromere into four types (A-D). Centromeric index (F %). total centromeric index (TF %), disparity index (DI) and total haploid chromosome length (TCL) were calculated. Chromosomes were found to be short to medium in size varied in length from 1.24 μm to 4.20 μm. Karyotypes were gradate and asymmetric in nature with median to nearly submedium chromosome. On the basis karyotype analysis, varietal distinction can be marked to some extent.
ISSN: 09746927
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