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Title: Of Xenotransplantation and Animal Futures: Science-Market Conviviality and the Engineering of Hope
Other Titles: Social Trends, A Peer-reviewed National Journal, Vol. 8, 31-March-2021, pp 39 - 56
Authors: Roy, Pinaki
Keywords: Xenotransplantation
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2021
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: The active, optimistic involvement of xenoengineering companies in the lucrative business of producing transgenic pigs as sources of xeno-organs for solving the shortage of transplantable human organs, the ethical problems involved in inflicting pain on animals in such xenoexperiments and the financial unviability of such alternatives for public use, calls for critical, sociological attention. Financial investments and market projections are inherent to the forces that enable and give direction to scientific innovations like xenotransplantation. The mutual show of trust between the technoscience experts and financial investors in the xenotransplants venture shows how convivial science and market are in the hopeful venture of seeking solution to organ crisis through production of genetically engineered pigs which are human compatible, and are variously called “galsafe” pigs or “perv free” piglets. These are hybrids and attractive commodities to be sold on the market, which xenoengineering companies produce to gain control of human biological future. Yet in these hopeful anthropocentric, humanist ventures the troubling question of fate of the animals in xenoexperiments and the hybrids-the cloned pigs, from which xenoorgans will be harvested for transplantation, is reluctantly set aside.
ISSN: 2348-6538
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