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Title: Study of Female Foeticide as Root Cause of Bride Trafficking in State of Haryana
Other Titles: Indian Journal of Law and Justice, Vol. 11 No. 2, September-2020, pp 142-159
Authors: Upadhyay, Niteesh Kumar
Keywords: Bride trafficking
Trafficking for marriage
Female foeticide
Mail order brides
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: Bride trafficking is forced sale, resale and purchase of girls/women in the name of marriage. Girls/women are kidnapped or lured into bride trafficking and sold, re-sold, raped and/or married off without their consent and their roles vary from sexual slavery to performing hard labour all the day, suffering physical and verbal abuse and living a life at the mercy of the men and/or their families who have ‘bought’ them. female foeticide remains the major cause for trafficking of brides in Haryana from other states as beacuse of low sex ratio the number of marraigbale girls in haryana are very less and which create a gender squeeze and force locals to buy brides from other poverty stickenareas.Poverty, lack of parenthood, illiteracy, customs and religious practices, quest for cheap labour, requirement of a servant/slave for the family, kidnapping, etc are some of the important factors, which contribute to the increase in number of trafficked brides in state of Haryana.
ISSN: 0976-3570
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