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Title: Body Image: Women in Jewellery Advertisement
Other Titles: SOCIAL TRENDS, Vol. 3, No. 1, March 2016 P 119 - 131
Authors: Raha, Sylvia
Keywords: body image
women models
advertisement industry
ideal body
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: The perspective of this article is to consider how media is utilizing the bodily attraction of women to cater the eyes of the viewers and the consumers, especially in the jewellery industry. They are dealing with the most powerful force of this universe, i.e the sensual attraction of humans. In one hand these ads are making the female audience to correlate them with the gorgeous beautiful models, to be like them, but on the other hand these ads are just exploiting the body image of women in a way. It objectifies women’s body. For jewellery advertisement women are generally produced and reproduced as decorative pieces where the image of a women turns into a ‘sign’ but this ‘sign’ is not the real sign of that particular women rather it creates simulation among the consumers. Women try to wear jewellery for all parts of the body in order to catch men’s attention on them. This paper reviews that how the body images of women in jewellery advertisement plays a crucial role in influencing consumer’s social interaction and how the modern society is dominated by the mediated image created by the mass media and/or Patriarchy. This paper also includes four case studies of renowned jewellery brands, and how they have incorporated sensual elements in their ads through women body and how body image is reflected in the ads.
ISSN: 2348-6538
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