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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium FalsifiedChakraborty, Gangotri
2003An Ultrastructural study on seasonal testicular changes of Himalayan newt (urodela: amphibiaPatra, Sudipta
2016-09Unconscionable Contracts: A Critical Analysis of Indian Legal SystemSrivastava, Rishabh; Ahuja, Angad
2019-03Understanding Dreams from an Evolutionary Perspective: A Critical StudyChakraborty, Roma
2013-03Understanding FDI in Retail: What Can Economic Principles Teach Us?Sarkar, Abhirup
2019-03Understanding Happiness: Secrecy and Fantasy as ModesBhowmick, Arunima
2010-03Understanding Human Rights through the Prism of Compensation to the Victims of CrimeSunaina, Ms
2019-03An Understanding of Epistemic Justification through Foundationalism and CoherentismSamal, Himansu Sekhar
2015Understanding the Interface Between Multiculturalism and Postmodernism: A Nietzschean PerspectiveRoy, Saikat
2018-09Understanding the Linguistic Consociationalism in India: A Study of the Linguistic Safeguards under the Constitution of IndiaChaki, Nishit R.
2016-03Understanding the Transformation of Colonial Darjeeling Hills Through the Study of South Asian Environmental HistorySarkar, Tahiti
2018-03Understanding the ‘mofussil’ and the ‘ditch’ in early colonial IndiaRoy, Varun Kumar
2019-03Unemployment and Need for Sustainability of Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in India: A StudyDey, Shuvendu; Basu, Analjyoti
1947The Unfinished revolution in ChinaEpstein, I.
2012-03Unforgotten Value of Probation, a Golden Treasure - Law and RealityPatel, Durgambini A; Musila, Nthenge Paul
1995Unification of ideas of creation and evolution of the universe in western scientific view and Indian philosophical literatureBhattacharjee, Shanti Prashad
2018-03Uniform Civil Code: An Ideal Vision of Modern IndiaGhosh, Soumalya
2009-03A Unique Image of Ganesha from North DinajpurSarkar, Bijoy Kumar
2006Unish sataker bangla sahitye swadesh bhabana উনিশ শতকের বাংলা সাহিত্যে স্বদেশ ভাবনাRoy, Narendranath
2017The United States in India-Pakistan relations: a study of the role of the United States in the strained Indo-Pak relations in the post cold warTanwir, Arshad,