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Title: Underutilized Fruits of Northeast India and its Potential Benefits on Human Health - Review
Other Titles: NBUJPS, NBU Journal of Plant Sciences Vol. 15 (2023),
Authors: Banerjee, Swarnendra
Sen, Arnab
Keywords: Antioxidant
Reactive oxygen species
Underutilized fruits
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: The Indian Himalayas, a global biodiversity hotspot, is home to 2532 species from temperate regions of Europe, China, Burma, the Sahara, and Africa. India's plant biodiversity includes 21 agroecosystems, including farmed fruit and wild, under-utilized fruit crops. These underutilized fruit crops have potential but are rarely planted, infrequently available on the market, or not farmed commercially. They are disease-resistant and adapted to heat and cold extremes, blessing tropical nations like India. Underutilized fruit crops have medicinal properties and are often used by Native Americans to heal ailments and for the financial well-being of tribal people in rural regions. The use of wild fruits as nutritional supplements or less expensive alternatives to commercial fruits is growing worldwide. Identifying and utilizing underutilized species is crucial for a diverse and nutritious diet, especially for rural poor and socially vulnerable populations in emerging countries. India's North-Eastern Hill region is an agrobiodiversity hub characterized by diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is rich in wild agricultural plant relatives, particularly underutilized fruit crops, and mixed temperate, tropical, and subtropical fruits from various genera. Fruits, vegetables, and other plants naturally produce important polyphenol metabolites that influence their sensory and nutritive qualities, potentially curing various conditions.
Description: pp. 31-38
ISSN: 0974-6927
Appears in Collections:NBU Journal of Plant Sciences, Vol.15, (2023)

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