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Title: Understanding the Real and the Imagined: Birsa Munda 1870- 1902
Other Titles: Karatoya, A Refereed and Peer Reviewed Journal, Department of History, Vol.15, March 2022, pp 44-55
Authors: Paul, Ratna
Keywords: Chotanagpur
Issue Date: Mar-2022
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: Colonial India witnessed many tribal uprisings against the exploitative and infringing attitude of British rule. One such uprising was led by Birsa Munda, who steered the Munda rebellion in the Chotanagpur plateau of southern Bihar. With the demographic changes caused by the encroachment of outsiders, the native tribal people faced new challenges in maintaining their livelihood, and even their traditional culture and ancient religion faced the threat of gradual erosion. Birsa became a religious preacher, declared himself as the representative of God, and initiated various reforms in the Munda society. Legends broke out, crediting him with some supernatural powers, further advancing his leadership. In principle, he and his followers wanted to establish a ‘Munda Raj,’ and the myths were perhaps popularized to gain the faith and support of the people of his community.
ISSN: 2229-4880
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