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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1953Syamaprasad Mookerjee his death in detention: a case for enquiryforwarded by Debi, Jogmaya
2019-03Symbols of Heterosexual Marriage and Negotiations of Heteronormativity: Narratives of Three Generations of Urban Middle-Class Bengali Women Living in KolkataDas, Nabamita
2010Synthesis and 1, 3 -dipolar cycloaddition reaction of N-phenyl £ chlora nitroneKafley, Saurav
2021Synthesis and application of chemical additives in the field of lubricant formulationPaul, Sujan Kumar,
2011Synthesis and characterization of polymeric additives for lubricating oilDas, Tapan
2017Synthesis and performance evaluation of chemical additives for lube oilDey, Koushik
2019Synthesis and performance evaluation of organic polymeric additives for lube and crude oilsSultana Yeasmin
2016Synthesis and Physicochemical Studies on Co-ordination Compounds of molybdenum, Copper, Iron and Zinc with 2-Amino Substituted PterinsGhosh, Baidyanath
2022-09Synthesis of bioactive organic heterocyclic compounds using novel catalystsDey, Sourav
2017Synthesis of functionalized 4- quinolones and their reactions: approaches towards bioactive moleculesGhosh, Prasanjit
2010Synthesis of new organotin(iv) derivatives of thio semicarbazides and S N O containing related ligands : characterization and studies on the biocidal properties of the new compound with special reference to their agricultural applicationSarkar, Bipasa
2014Synthesis of palladium - N - heterocyclic carbene complexes and their application in organic transformationsGupta, Sumanta
2015Synthesis, characterization and biocidal activities of the derivatives of steroids and pentacyclic triterpenoidsSarkar, Antara
2013Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of acrylate based polymeric additives for lubricating oilNandi, Debabrata
2021Synthesis, characterization and inclusion complexation of some isoxazolidine and isoxazoline derivatives for advanced applications explored by physicochemical approachChhetri , Esmita
2022Synthesis, characterization and innovative applications of inclusion complexes and nanocomposites of some biologically potent moleculesRoy, Niloy
2013-03Synthesis, characterization and performance evaluation of acrylate based polymeric additives for lubricating oilKarmakar, Gobinda
2019Synthesis, characterization of transition metal-dithioether complexes and catalytic applications in organic reactionsSaha, Sankar,
1982Synthesis, insecticidal activity, toxicity, anticholinesterase activity and other biological properties of some saligenin cyclic phosphorus compoundsRoy, Prabir
2003Synthetic organic reaction new methodology and applicationsBhuiyan, Mosharef Hossain