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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Antifungal Efficacy of Cu-Based Nano-Chitosan on Rhizopus stolonifer, A Virulent PhytopathogenChouhan, Divya; Choudhuri, Chandrani; Dutta, Poulami; Mandal, Palash; Mathur, Piyush
2022Assessment of Growth Performance and Histochemical Localisation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Fenugreek under Exogenous Calcium Ion PrimingGupta, Saran Kumar; Mandal, Palash
2013Bioactivity of low molecular weight peptides isolated from some important crop plants various treatments and conditionsMandal, Palash
2015-03A comparative study of silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) rearing under different sources of peptides isolated from Dudhiya and S1 mulberry leavesJha, Suchisree; Bhattacharyya, Phalguni; Ghosh, Amitava; Mandal, Palash
2014-03Deterioration of Antioxidant and Antidiabetic Activity of Seven Taruls Through BoilingGhosal, Mitali; Kalwar, Premlata; Mandal, Palash
2010-03In vitro antioxidant activity of two edible Timbur fruits of Darjeeling HimalayaGhosal, Mitali; Mandal, Palash
2022Study of Major Isoflavones in Mungbean Seedlings with Special Emphasis on Its Enhanced Antioxidant Activity After Solid Matrix Priming with Selected Elicitors Including Nano-Chitosan Under Salinity StressSen, Sujoy Kumar; Mandal, Palash; Bhandari, Jnan Bikash
2007-03Tea Polyphenols: variation with respect to agro-climatic condition, their impact in human health and soil environmentMisra, Tarun Kumar; Mandal, Palash
2021-03Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles: Different synthesis approaches and applicationsKundu, Sudipta; Haydar, Md. Salman; Mandal, Palash