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Title: Bed Rest at Childbirth: Exploring Empirical Dimensions of Support and Vulnerability
Other Titles: SOCIAL TRENDS Peer-reviewed National Journal of the Department of Sociology of North Bengal University, Vol.10, 31st March 2023, pp. 110-124
Authors: Sharma, Rukmani
Keywords: Childbirth
Risk negotiation
Bed rest
Baper bari and mother’s care
Social support
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2023
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: phenomenon of childbirth is a social event, whereby women hailing from both conventional and modern societies bestow substantial credence upon their social counterparts for the provision of emotional and psychological sustenance. The established importance of obtaining social support from one’s biological kin has been widely recognised. It is of utmost importance to adopt a discerning perspective when dealing with this reliance and evaluate it from a sociological standpoint, rather than simply acknowledging it as a mundane occurrence. The inquiry into the selection process of women beneficiaries and benefactors in times of vulnerability may shed light on the uncharted rules and norms governing social support. A comprehensive evaluation of the care dependency of expectant mothers mandates a meticulous examination of the sociocultural milieu in which they are positioned. The ongoing inquiry pertains to a specific cohort of women who give birth within a biomedicalized urban setting, wherein modern techniques enable the detection of potential risks with unparalleled efficiency. Expectant mothers are often troubled by the possibility of being classified as high-risk throughout the duration of their gestation period. Pregnancies that present a heightened risk are subject to meticulous oversight, diagnostic evaluations, and targeted pharmacological interventions. Although bed rest is a commonly prescribed intervention for the management of pregnancies with a high risk of complications, its effectiveness cannot always be assured. It is widely acknowledged that a considerable segment of the women lacks the requisite resources and capabilities to comply with the recommended protocols of prolonged antenatal and postnatal bed rest. The present study endeavours to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the organizational culture of Prakash Hospital, with a specific emphasis on the impact of unique social and economic determinants on the assimilation of bed rest norms among women. In a general sense, the discussion regarding the notion of bed rest pertains to the capacity of women to alleviate potential risks via reliance on their maternal kinship networks (baper bari).
ISSN: 2348-6538
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