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Title: Persepectives on Extremophilic Actinobacteria - A Review
Other Titles: NBUJPS, NBU Journal of Plant Sciences, Vol.14, (2022) pp. 1-7
Authors: Sen, Gargi
Ghosh, Sandipan
Sarkar, Indrani
Sen, Arnab
Keywords: Actinobacteria.
Secondary metabolite
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: Actinobacteria are considered as the most potential and biotechnologically viable prokaryotes because of their ability for the production of bioactive metabolites. They have immense biosynthetic prospect that remains unopposed without a competent organism from other microbial collections. But the prospect of finding highly potential actinobacteria from ambient habitats is reduced due to the wide exploitation for antibiotic production. So attention has been diverted to the unexploited extremophilic habitats such as marine sediments, mangroves, deserts, rocks, glaciers, etc. Extremophilic actinobacteria are competent producers of new secondary metabolites that show a wide range of antagonistic activities against bacteria, fungi, cancer and also exhibit insecticidal and enzyme inhibition. This review is an attempt to explore extremophilic actinobacteria that may form the source for the synthesis of novel drugs that could be used to combat resistant pathogens and also for xenobiotic degradation.
ISSN: 0974-6927
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