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Title: Rent Question and its Impact on the Peasants of Rarh Bengal (1820-1860)
Other Titles: Karatoya, NBU J. Hist. Vol. 14, March 2021, pp 74 - 93
Authors: Sen, Arundhuti
Keywords: Peasant
legislation Agriculture
Issue Date: Mar-2021
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: history of peasants form an interesting theme in the agrarian studies of Bengal.The central theme of peasant studies revolves on the notion of ‘rent’ which is the root cause of their exploitation. Research works on the origin of rent, their circulation in the economy is well known discourse in Bengal. However, research work on the imposition and operations of rent laws, its impact on the agrarian structure, at intra-regional level is less known. Based on this concept, the present paper seeks to explore the notion of rent, its variation, its circulation in the economy, and finally the background that necessitated formulation of rent Act X of 1859 and its immediate consequences on the peasantry in the select districts of Rarh Bengal.(Burdwan, Bankura, Midnapore). While extrapolating the issue, the paper also tries to bring the inner strife between the occupancy and non-occupancy tenure of the peasants, their role in safeguarding their rights and finally the consequences of the rent legislation on them during 1820-1860.
ISSN: 2229-4880
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