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Title: Decoding the Anglo-Indian Woman: Discourses on Rape and Victimhood
Other Titles: Social Trends, A Peer-reviewed National Journal, Vol. 8, 31-March-2021, pp 1 - 19
Authors: Sen, Sudarshana
Keywords: Anglo-Indian women
Anglo-Indian community
Anglo-Indian community in post-colonial Kolkata
Marginalized communities in Indiax
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2021
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: The Anglo-Indian community is recognized as a racial and linguistic minority in India. It also is recognized as a marginal community. This community has a history of over five hundred years and is a part of Indian polity with nominated representatives in the state legislatures and Parliament. An incident of rape popularly known as ‘Park Street Rape Case’ occurred on February 6, 2012 in Kolkata. The survivor an Anglo-Indian woman, Suzette Jordan, later died on 13 March 2015 due to meningitis. The incident created an uproar in the media because the state government had pointed towards the incident as a ‘minor case’ where the victim was labelled as a prostitute. This paper will highlight how the woman of a marginal community was socially harassed by the state, common people and on the social media from the time of incident and even after her death. It will especially highlight on the after currents on social media after Suzette died a natural death. The paper will use opinions posted on the social media on the issue as the bulk of the data with media reports on print and internet versions. The paper will argue how a woman of a marginal community was a victim to multilayered marginalization in the process.
ISSN: 2348-6538
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