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Title: Social Transformation and Its Impact on Traditional Knowledge
Other Titles: Indian Journal of Law and Justice, Vol. 11 No. 1 (Part III), March 2020, p 57 - 70
Authors: Wangchuk Bhutia, Jigmee
Keywords: Traditional Knowledge
social transformation
Intellectual Property Rights
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: As the society, so the Traditional Knowledge. with the change in society there is a change in Traditional Knowledge. Traditional Knowledge is shaped in accordance with the time and need of the society. There is a close relation between Traditional Knowledge and Social Transformation. With the society evolving towards modernization, Traditional Knowledge being a living knowledge which evolves with the society and the people is also evolving towards modern knowledge. The nature can be regarded as a laboratory where the experiment of the Traditional Knowledge takes place. Earlier, Traditional Knowledge was not universal at all, there was traditional system of protection and traditional system for the grant of permission to access it but now due to globalization, there is more chances of misappropriation and Traditional Knowledge is not safe. India is amongst the nations who is very rich in terms of Traditional Knowledge and in India, most of the population still depends on Traditional medicinal system. With the acceptance of globalization, it is high time India should take proper step for the protection of Traditional Knowledge. Traditional Knowledge is categorized under the Intellectual Property Rights, and if it is not provided proper protection then someone else under the Intellectual Property Rights will protect it and the community who owns it will loss the ownership rights.
ISSN: 0976-3570
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