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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Gandhi and modern republican theory of freedom or non-domination: a studyHaldar, Ipsita
2007Gandhi and Nehru : master-disciple relationship : a critiqueChhetri, Puran Kumar
2015-03Gandhian method to peaceRoy, Saikat
2017-03Gandhian Perspective of Conflict ResolutionRoy, Varbi
2015-03Gandhi’s Ramarajya: The Idea of an IdealChakraborty, Soumitra
2018-03Gandhi’s Views on Varnna-Vyavasthaain India: Some ReflectionsKaran, Balaram
2005Gangtok : metamorphosis of stereotype-Sikkim-urban conglomerate into a colonial hill-station (1889-1950) : a historical constructKharel, Sunita
2022Garubathan khandka tamang jatima prachlit गोरुबथान खण्डका तामाङ जातिमा प्रचलित मृत्यु संस्कारTamang तामाङ, Ashish आशिष
1931Gaya and Buddha-Gaya: early history of the HolylandBarua, Benimadhab
2020-03Gazzaniga’s View on Self: Some ObservationsMukherjee, Atreyee
2011Gender differentials in work participation : time valuation study of women's work in Rural North BengalSengupta, Panchali
2014-03Gender Issues in International Trade and Investment: A Brief ReviewChakraborty, Gangotri
2021Gender justice and sustainable relationships: an examinationBhattacharyya, Anureema
2013-09Gender Justice Ideology and the Indian Constitution: Analysing Equality RightsNagarwal, Narender
2005Gender justice in succession laws in IndiaSarkar, Santosh Kumar
2021-03-31Gender Minority and its Changing Portrayal in Bollywood FilmsChowdhury, Ankita
2021Gender Roles and the Quest for Identity: A Study of Shashi Deshpande’s That Long SilenceAkram, Wasim
2018-03Gendered Bengali: Expectations and Challenges, in Ashapurna Devi’s ‘Chhayasurya’ and Partha Pratim Chowdhury’s Chhaya Surya [Chhayasurya], and Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay’s Dadar Kirti and Tarun Majumdar’s Dadar KirtiRay, Anirban
2015General Election of 2014 and the Changes in the Indian Party SystemDey, Mouli
1990Generalized continuous functions, derivatives and integrals of perron typeGhosh, Bimalendu