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Title: Brahman as the Principle of Interconnectedness: The Ground of Upanisadic Ethics
Other Titles: Philosophical Papers, Journal of the Department of Philosophy, Vol. XX, March- 2024, pp- 319-327
Authors: Roy, Kheya
Keywords: Upaniṣads
Upaniṣadic Ethics
Issue Date: Mar-2024
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: This paper seeks to offer a logical answer to the question: ‘Why should we be moral?’ The answer is derived from the philosophy of Interconnectedness as expounded in the ethics of the Upaniṣads. It also highlights how this theory can be practised in our daily lives by following some ethical codes of conduct as suggested in the Upaniṣads.
ISSN: 0976-4496
Appears in Collections:Philosophical Papers. Vol. XX (March 2024)

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