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dc.contributor.authorKarmakar, Biswanath-
dc.contributor.authorChakraborty, Rakhi-
dc.contributor.authorRoy, Swarnendu-
dc.description.abstractpresent study aimed to characterize eight edible members of the family Araceae on the basis of their morphological and anatomical characteristics. The petiole length, leaf size, and corm size varied widely across the studied members. Significant variations in the stomatal index, stomatal length, and width were observed, although all were of paracytic type with elliptical to circular shapes. Leaf epidermal cells were found to be polygonal or puzzle shaped. Mesophyll cells were non-distinguishable as palisade or spongy parenchyma. The root vascular bundles were found to be exarch, either arranged circularly or remaining scattered in the ground tissue. Pith was also observed, either large, centrally located, or scattered. Petiole anatomy showed scattered vascular bundles with collateral xylem and phloem in almost all the species, except Ol Kochu, Panchmukhi Kochu, and Ghot Kochu. Presence of tannins was observed in the petioles of all the species, whereas calcium oxalate crystals in the form of raphides were found to be present in some members. Water vessels, either large or small were found in the petioles of all the species. The number of parenchyma cells varied from 2 to 6 depending on the species. All the morphological and anatomical characteristics would help identify the eight members of Araceae and provide information for future studies with them.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of North Bengalen_US
dc.subjectLight microscopyen_US
dc.titleMorphological and Anatomical Studies on Some Members of Araceae of North Bengalen_US
dc.title.alternativeNBUJPS, NBU Journal of Plant Sciences Vol.14, (2022), pp. 40-48en_US
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