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Title: Impact of Perceived Security, Perceived Usefulness (PU) and Perceived Ease of Use (PEOU) on Customers' Purchase Intent in Online Shopping During the COVID 19 - Pandemic
Other Titles: International Journal of Finance : Bi Annual- Double Blind- Peer Reviewed- Refereed Journal Entrepreneurship & Sustainability (IJFES), Volume-2, Issue -2, (July-December 2022), pp 15-35
Authors: Prasad, Narayan
Mitra, Debabrata
Keywords: Perceived security,
Perceived usefulness
Perceiveq ease of use
Customers purchase intention.
Issue Date: Dec-2022
Publisher: KIIT University
Abstract: The convenience of purchasing online is rapidly expanding into everyday life. Metro dwellers, whether young and old, utilize e-commerce sites to stock up on necessities on a regular basis. Customers relied heavily on internet retailers to have food, medicine, and other necessities delivered to their homes during the COVID-19 epidemic. Using a questionnaire, the research surveyed 157 yo11ng adults at US colleges and universities on their online buying habits and intentions during the COVID-19 epidemic. To identify the underlying factors influencing customers' purchase intentions in on line shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic; the study utilized Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) (includes, Varimax with Kaiser Normalization Rotation Methods and Principal Component Analysis) with the aid of the SPSS software package. Customers' perceptions of the safety, utility. and simplicity of online purchasing were shown to have ihe most impact on their decisions to buy during the COVID-19 epidemic. After that, an Analysis of Moment Structures was used for route analysis and hypothesis testing (AMOS). According to the results, cons11mers' "perceived security" has a substantial impact.on their propensity to make purchases while shopping online. Customers' purchasing intentions during the COVID-19 epidemic are influenced more by "perceived utility" than by "perceived ease of 11se, " as measured by standardised regression weight. The study s results will educate on line retaile,;s on what influences consumers' decisions to buy and how much weight each factor carries in the on/ine shopping experience. In addition, online retailers may use the study ' s findings to create marketing campaigns that increase sales and client retention.
ISSN: 2583-0899
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