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Title: Power, Patriarchy and Women’s Agency in Microfinance
Other Titles: Journal of Women's Studies (A Peer Reviewed Journal), Vol. X, 2021, pp 93-125
Authors: Chakroborty, Bhaskar
Keywords: Women empowerment.
Women’s agency
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: Technological innovation and environmental degradation have been prime agents for the existence and altering of social systems, historically world over. If latter provides basic resources for survival and sustenance and builds essential link between man and nature for human existence; the other provides tools (machines, industries etc.) with which to exploit resources for the same by earning livelihood (central to work). There are the changes seen and experienced not only in material world in terms of change in economic production from agriculture to industry, but also in terms of gender relations, with respect to women and work; especially because their work has been considered as informal and soft menial household work. Various theorists have studied this relationship between women and work (especially in the context of rural agriculture and allied activities), by framing an essential link between women, production and technological innovations. The paper focuses on the changing nature of work in relation to women’s participation in agriculture, as central to development. Then it looks at women empowerment thorough microfinance assistances.
ISSN: 2320-3625
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