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Title: Partition and the Saga of Uprooted Women in West Bengal: A Review
Other Titles: Karatoya, NBU J. Hist. Vol 10, March 2017, p 150 - 163
Authors: Mitra Guha, Madhuparna
Keywords: Bangladesh
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: The partition of Indian subcontinent in 1947 was a shaping event which caused one of the greatest human convulsions of history. The partition of British India and subsequent creation of two antagonist countries was not just a surgical allegory or an operation; it was a line of division inside our heads and hearts too. The dark legacies of partition have thrown a long shadow on the lives of the people of India and Pakistan. If an elaborate analysis of Partition of India is made then it can safely be concluded that the miserable plight of women centering round the event of partition had long been neglected and ignored, though they were the worst victims of the Partition.
ISSN: 2229-4880
Appears in Collections:Karatoya Vol.10 (March 2017)

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