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Title: “Fixing” Female Bodies through Reproductive Medicine and Assisted Reproduction: An Ideological Critique
Other Titles: SOCIAL TRENDS, Vol. 6, March 2019, p 1 - 27
Authors: Roy, Pinaki
Keywords: Reproductive medicine,
assisted reproduction
female body
unmediated materiality
heterosexual duality
ideological foreclosure
ideological critique
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: University of North Bengal
Abstract: An ideological critique of reproductive medicine and assisted reproduction’s disavowed socio-cultural complicity in the reiteration of the ideology of heterosexism necessitates a radical interrogation of the presupposed unmediated materiality of the sexed body. This ideological critique, which foregrounds the discursively and ideologically constructed materiality of the sexed body, refrains from fictionalizing the sexed body. On the contrary, this critique attempts to show that the sexed body is a “reified” entity, (re)produced as unmediated through mediations of different technologies of power and the ideological processes immanent in these technologies. These mediations render possible thinking of the sexed body as an entity, yet these mediations which are constitutive of the body are categorically disavowed by the so-called decontextualized medical knowledge and practice in search of objectivity and universality.
ISSN: 2348-6538
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