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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Synthesis, characterization and inclusion complexation of some isoxazolidine and isoxazoline derivatives for advanced applications explored by physicochemical approachChhetri , Esmita
2021Studies on novel methodologies for the synthesis of precursor of bioactive compoundsDasgupta, Hridoydip Ranjan
2020Carbonaceous nanomaterials and composites green techniques for organic synthesisChoudhury, Prasun ,
2021Novel transition metal complexes of some B-cyclodextrin based polydentate ligands: synthesis and physico-chemical characterizationDas, Ananya,
2020Theoretical investigation on the development of new aromatic systems and their applicationsHomray, Manoswita
2019Synthesis and performance evaluation of organic polymeric additives for lube and crude oilsSultana Yeasmin
2017Physicochemical studies on lipidic components with special reference to monolayer, bilayer,and solid lipid nanoparticleNahak, Prasant
2020Host guest inclusion complexes and thermodynamic properties of some imperative molecules with the manifestation of diverse interections by physiochemical investigationSaha, Binoy Chandra
2020Investigation of host- guest inclusion complexation of some biologically potent molecules and solvent consequences of some food preservations with the manifestation of synthesis, characterization and innovative applicationsBiplab, Rajbanshi,
2019Green approaches towards transition-metal catalyzed and metal-free c - c and c - heteroatom coupling reactionsDwivedi, Seema ,
2019Solution thermodynamics of some biologically important compounds in various aqueous mediaPandit, Bijan Kumar
2019Synthesis, characterization of transition metal-dithioether complexes and catalytic applications in organic reactionsSaha, Sankar,
2018Physicochemical investigation on Nanostructural Lipid CarriersKarmakar, Gourab
2019Investigation of Host Guest Inclusion Complexations and Diverse Interactions of Some Industrially and Biologically Potent Molecules in Assorted Phases by Physicochemical MethodologiesYasmin, Ananya
2018Development of Novel methodologies for the construction of c-hetero bondSaha, Bittu
2019Diverse Interactions of Some Significant Compounds Prevailing in Different Solvent Systems with the Manifestation of Solvation Consequence by Physicochemical InvestigationsRahaman, Habibur
2018Explorative studies on carbon hetero bond transformation reaction and carbon-hetero bond formation reactionPariyar, Gyan Chandra
2018Physicochemical studies on liposome mimetic systems and their complexes with biologically relevant polymersGuha, Pritam
2018Explorative studies on carbon-nitrogen (C-N) bond formation and synthesis of nitrogen containing heterocyclic compoundsChakraborty, Rakesh Ranjan
2018Hydrothermal Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Single Crystals of Metal-Organic Hybrid ComplexesKamath, Amarjit
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 296