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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Vaishnavism and vaishnvite culture in midnaporeMandal, Rabindranath
1917Vaisnava literature of mediaeval BengalSen, Dines Chandra
1960Vakataka Gupta age: circa 200-550 ADMajumdar, Ramesh Chandra; Altekar, Anant Sadashir
2017-03Validity of Marriage: A Study in Private International LawKundu, Indrani
2017-03Value Education as a Means to Resolve Social CrisisRoy, Nirmal Kumar
2011-03The Value of life in Radhakrishnan’s PhilosophyPal, Bimal Chandra
2015Varendra research society: its vision and mssion (1910-1963)Ray, Dinesh Chandra
1931The Vedanta : its place as a system of metaphysicsDutt, N. K.
2016-03Vegetarianism and its Moral ImplicationsMukherjee, Debanjali
1940The Viceroy and governor-general of IndiaRudra, A.B.
2016Viscosity index improver and pour point depressant properties of additives for lubricating oilMainul Hoque
1912Vishnu Puranam : a prose English translation(based on Prof.H.H.Wilson's translation); 2nd edDutt, Manmatha Nath
2006Vision of a poet : a study of W B Yeats`s poetry from crossways to the powerSaha, Nitai Chandra
2014-03Vivekananda on the Genesis and Control of ViolenceMandal, Samar Kumar
1929A Vocabulary of the Kui Language : Kui-EnglishWinfield, W. W.
2017-03-31Vulnerability of the aged in india and their rightsRoy, Sinjini
1985(W) Proximally continuous functions and related integralsBaidya, Sriharsha
2009-03Warrior's Stones in Eastern IndiaBhattacharyya, Pranab Kumar
2019-03Was Academic Association a Student Movement or Resurgence of the Social Awakening? A Critical AssessmentPain, Swapan Kumar
1985Wastage and stagnation in schools in the rural areas of West Bengal : a sociological studyKhan, Gora Chand