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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1945I Visit Yenan : Eye Witness Account of Communist-Led Liberated Areas in North-West ChinaEpstein, Israel
2020-03-31Ibn-Khaldun’s contribution to sociologyMondal, Sekh Rahim
2012-03Iconography of Navagraha Images: A Case Study of North BengalSarkar, Bijoy Kumar
1999Ideas on socialism and social justice of Jawarharlal Nehru, Ram Manohar Lohia and Asoke MehtaBagchi, Santanu
2007Ideas social justice and economic equality : a study of Nehru, Ambedkar and Jayprakash NarainThami, Ambika
2006Identification and studies on microbes found in tannery effluentsHalder, Aparna
2018Identification of low temperature resistant embryonic stages for improving seed production in muga silkworm, antheraea assama, westwood for cold preservation of eggsGhosh, Samiran
2005Identification of nickel resistance genes in suitable Gram-negative bacterial isolates with reference to the physio-chemical and sanitary status of river TorsaBhaskar, Bhadra
2012-03Identifying a Tribe of Sub-Himalaya : A Socio-Cultural Aspects of TamangLama, Sudash
2020-03Identifying the Geographical Boundaries of PuṇḍravardhanaAdhikary, Sanat K
2008Identity and similarity : a critical study on the concept of tadatmya in Indian philosophyRaha, Sangita
2019-03Identity Crisis in a Cross-cultural Paradox: My ExperienceBhutia, Sonam Choden
2013-03Identity Movements and Its Impact on Indian PoliticsLama, Sanjeeb; Yasin, M.
2020Idling with(in) history: flanerie and alternative historiography in selected novels of Orhan PamukMukherjee, Rupayan
2015-03If Belief Closure Fails Then Knowledge Closure FailsLenka, Laxminarayan
2022-12Ignored Voices: An Overview of the life of the Women with Disabilities in India.Das, Tinku
2021-09Illegal Migration and Issues of Citizenship in India: A Critical ReviewBiswas, Diganta
2014-03The ILO's Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalisation: Reviewing International Labour Regulation after the Financial CrisisChowdhury, Payel Rai
2004The Images in Nissim Ezekiel`s poetry: a critical studyBaksi, Pabitra Das
1935Immanuel Kant on philosophy in general: translated with four introductory essaysKabira, Humayuna