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Journal Content Service is one of the current awareness services. It compiles the contents pages of 158 subscribed journals for the subscription year 2020. This service provides information about the titles of articles published in the journals and with the advent of that information, users can easily access the required full-text journal articles from the Journal Section of University Library, University of North Bengal, whenever needed. It is the most efficient method of receiving relevant articles from current journals. This current awareness service is a great source of information for teachers, research scholars, and other interested users looking to further their studies in a specific field.

The contents of journals are divided into three broad categories: language and literature, social sciences, and science and technology. Again, these three broad categories are prepared, with the respective eligible department(s) as sub-categories that contain the contents pages of departmental subscribed journals from various departments, such as Bengali, English, Botany, Commerce, Chemistry, Economics, and so on.


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