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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-03Painted Veil: The Art of Rabindranath TagoreGhosh, Manjulika
2008-03Paintings as Source of Science in the Past: Understanding Indian ElephantsBagchi, Anita
1945Pakistan or partition of IndiaAmbedkar, B.R.
2018-03Pan-Asianism: Rabindranath Tagore, Subhas Chandra Bose and Japan’s Imperial QuestHanneman, Marie L.
2013Panchayats, participatory rural development and livelihood strategies: a block level study of self help groups under SGSY in the coochbehar district of West BengalRoy, Mahendra
1920Papers relating to the application of the principal of Dyarchy to the government of IndiaCurtis, L.
2014-03Paradigm of Cross- Cultural CommunicationDas, Kantilal
2020-09Paradigm Of Moral Action: A Comparative Study Between Kant And BhagavadgitaChowdhury, Arun Kumar
2021Paradigm shifts in jurisprudential thoughts in Indian legal system: study of A.K. Gopalan to Maneka Gandhis case and beyondKundu, Indrani
1937Parliamentary debates : House of Commons official report; vol. 322, no. 88His Majesty's stationary office
1934The parliamentary debates: official reportUnited kingdom, His Majesty's Stationary Office
1930Parliamentary government and the economic problemSpencer-Churchill, Winston L.
1880Parliamentary government in the British coloniesTodd, Alpheus
2019-09Parsi Divorce: Time to Rethink the Legal Framework?Ghosal, Anupama; Contractor, Neville
1996Partial purification, characterization and antibiosis of Bacteriocins produced by some lactic acid Bacterial isolatesBanerjee, Sharmistha
2009-03Participation of the Leftist Students in the Mass Movements of West Bengal (1959-1966): An OverviewRoy Sanyal, Ratna; Pain, Swapan Kumar
2020Participation of women in social movements: Sociological study of the hill region of Darjeeling DistrictChhetri, Kumar
2015Participatory decentralised governance and empowerment: a study of women participation in the Gram Sansads of two selected Gram Panchayats of Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal (2003-2011)Sen, Rajiv,
2021-03Participatory Governance through Women’s Representation in Gujarat: Assessing the Role and Relevance of Government Initiatives since 2000Ahmed Raza
2016Participatory local governance and development: a study of the Gram sansad experiment in two selected Gram Panchyats of Cooch Behar District of West BengalBiswas, Anil Kumar,