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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010N-cyclohenyl, N-phenyl nitrones and their potentiality in isoxazolidine and isoxazoline synthesesChhetri, Manjit Singh
2017-09N.R. Madhava Menon, Education And Public Health- Legislative Initiatives In Fifty Years Of The Republic (1950-2000), Forwarded By Subhash C. Kashyap, Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India, 2013 Edition, ISBN : 978-93-5035-337-6, Price- Rs. 325.Chatterjee, Chandrani
2019-03Na Vag Gacchati: A Discourse On the Limit Of LanguageGhosh, Raghunath
2019-03Nagarjuna’s Epistemology: On Epistemology and Its LimitsBorah, Shakuntala
2014-03Nagarjuna’s Madhyama PratipadMohanta, Dilip Kumar
2021-03Nagarjuna’s Reasoning With Non-Implicative NegationsKar, Saroj Kanta
1989Narayan Gangopadhyayer chotogalpa mulyayan নারায়ণ গঙ্গোপাধ্যায়ের ছোটগল্প : মূল্যায়নSengupta, Subhas Chandra
1995Narayondeber Manasamangal o Sukanyannee (tulanamulak parjalachana) নারায়ণদেবের মনসামঙ্গল ও সুকনান্নী ( তুলনামূলক পর্যালোচনা )Chakraborty, Purnendu
2020-09Narco-Analysis in Criminal Investigation and Trial: A ConspectusMishra, Praveen
2011Nari pragatir dharay Begam Rokeya Sakhoyat Hossain নারী প্রগতির ধারায় বেগম রোকেয়া সাখাওয়াৎ হোসেনMajumdar ( Das ), Gopa
2017-03Nashya Sheikhs of North Bengal in Historical Perspectives: A Study of Ethnicity & 95 Identity DynamicMd Nabiul Islam
2019-09National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) Act, 1981: A Significant Effort towards Socio-Economic Development in Rural IndiaDutta, Sanjay
2018-03The National Cyber Security Policy of India 2013: An Analytical StudyBagga, Rajni
2014-09The National Food Security Act, 2013: India’s Endeavour to End Hunger by LawSingh, Balwinder
2014-03National Pension Scheme, 2004: A Negative or Positive Component for Unorganized Sector in India with Special Reference to Pension SchemesSinha, Swati; Das, Rajarsi
2012-09National Policy on Rehabilitation and Resettlement, 2007: Reading from Human Rights PerspectiveThakur, Kailash; Verma, Harish
1931National sovereignty and judicial autonomy in the British commonwealth of nationsHughes, Hector
1993Nationalism and internationalism : a study of the political ideas of Tagore, Gandhi and NehruMishra, J
2011-03Nationalism in Late-Nineteenth Century Japan and India: Fukuzawa Yukichi and Syed Ahmad KhanHanneman, Marie
1986Nationalist movement and freedom struggle in some selected areas of Northern Bengal (1857-1947)Bhattacharyya, Malaysankar