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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985A Critical study of universal religion of Ramakrishna ParamahansaKundu, Mamata
2009A Critical study on the theory of entire and meromorphic functionsKar, Sourav
2005A Critical survey on Bertrand Russell`s philosophy of languageSinha, Bonani
1986A Critique of phenomenologySarkar, Sunil Kumar
2020-09Cross Border Mergers in India in the IBC Era: A Legal InquiryTiwari, Avin
2014Cross country diver sification of fund and risk management: lessons for Indian investorsRoy, Tamojit
2019-03Cross Cultural Marriages and the Problem of Adjustment in Conjugal LifeChhetri, Chandrani
2021-09Cryopreserved Pre-Embryos: An Exordium to the Person or Property Discourse in Indian Legal ContextChakraborty, Sanjit Kumar; Moneshaa
2013-03Cultivation and yield of Pleurotus sajor-caju on various lignocellulosic substratesRay, K.; Basistha, B.; Ghosh, S.
1993Cultural and economic transformation of a small tribe in the Sub - Himalayas : a study of the TotosMajumdar, Bimalendu
2015-03Cultural dimension of ethnic identity: study on the Oraon tribe of North BengalTirkey, John Breakmas
2020-03Cultural Identity Crisis in The Age of Globalization and Technology: An Indian PerspectiveMd. Sirajul Islam
1992Cultural tourism in the Awadh region with special reference to Lucknow : a study in tourism & recreation geographySingh, Shalini
2013-03Culture of Tobacco Smoking in Mughal India: A Historical AnalysisDey, Palash
2017-03-31Culture shock at universities : suburban students and their experience of marginalityBhowmick, Arunima
2016-03Culture, Politics and Identities: Debating the idea of Indian NationalismKumari, Vandana
2018Current approaches to the theory of reference: critical observationBiswas, Gouranga,
2013-10Current Rehabilitation Status over the Issues of Displacement at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai: Some ObservationsPattanaik, Sarmistha; Sen, Amrita
2010-03Custodial Torture and Human Rights in IndiaMandal, Sangeeta
2012-09Cyber Crime and Judicial Response in IndiaDeb, Abhijeet