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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Definition of the state and the enforcement of fundamental rights under the constitution of IndiaPoddar, Mita
2011Delbruck scattering near pair production thresholdKunwar, Bhakta
2004Demand for and productivity of farm credit in Nepal: with special reference to Morang DistrictAdhikari, Ramesh Prasad
2012Democracy and Development Experience in Sikkim: A Study of Sikkim Sangram Parishad Government ( 1984-1994)Subba, Buddhilal
1997Democracy, decentralisation and district administration in India: a study of a select district in West BengalGhosh, Bandana
2012Democracy, good governance and social change : a study in the context of India’s governing processBasu, Debabrata
2001Democratic decentralisation and empowerment: a study of women of Murshidabad District in West Bengal (1978-1998)Rahman, Khalilur
2008Democratic decentralisation good Governance and rural development : a study of SikkimChhetri, Durga Prasad
1995Democratic movement in Nepal and the Indian leftTewari, Santwana
1990Democratic socialism in George Orwells NovelsJosaph, G
1992Demographic profile and changing occupational character and economic status of the Santals of Birbhum districtGhosh, Prasasti
2018Demographic profile of North Bengal in colonial and post-colonial period (1871-1991): study on economic, cultural and political changesSaha, Kartick
2016Density fluctuation and correlation study of multiperticles production in 28Si-Ag/Br interaction at 14.5A GeVMali, Provash
1949Department of post-graduate studies in arts and letters in the University of Culcutta: 1907-48University of Calcutta
1930The Deposition of Richard IIClarke, M. V.; Galbraith, V. H.
2007Derozio`s poetry : a response to Bengal RenaissanceChakraborty, Tarun Kanti
2015-03Deserted women in patriarchal sikkim and Darjeeling hillsRoy, Sanjay K.; Khawas, Babika
2018Design and analysis of algorithms for solving n coins problemGhosh, Joydeb
2019Design and development of adaptive optics system in visible and near infra-red-band for IUCAA 2 M TelescopePaul, Jyotirmay