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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03Critical Analysis of the Age of Marriage and its RationalityVerma, Yogendra Kumar
2016-03A Critical Analysis of the Prospects of AFSPA with Reference to Insurgency Problem in North East IndiaBorkakoti, Prasenjit
2020-03A Critical Analysis of The Social Change and Transformation through Western Education in IndiaYonzon, Tripti
2017A critical and comparative study of Hinduism and Buddhism with specific reference to NepalDeo, Sujata,
1989A critical approach to the short stories of Jagadish Chandra GuptaBhattacharya, Rama
2016-03A Critical Assessment of Gilbert Harman’s Internalist Thesis of Moral RelativismMondal, Saswati De
2016-03Critical Child Marriage: Analysis of Present Legal Framework in IndiaMathew, Meera
2019-09Critical Comment on Access and Benefit Sharing in India under Biological Diversity Act, 2002: In the Light of Nagoya Protocol on Access & Benefit SharingDash, Paramita; Chakraborty, Amlan
2021-03Critical Review on Indian Agricultural Policies with Special Reference to Women FarmersSaha, Bhaswati
1997A Critical study of the Boroque mode in relation to the literature music art and architecture of the periodCoutinho, Clara
2017Critical study of the impact of the doctrin of non-refoulement upon extradition treaties between countries from 1973-2014Agarwal, Pukhraj,
2019-03A Critical Study of the Official Policies on Child Labour in India 1947-1979Rakshit, Samiparna
1985A Critical study of universal religion of Ramakrishna ParamahansaKundu, Mamata
2009A Critical study on the theory of entire and meromorphic functionsKar, Sourav
2005A Critical survey on Bertrand Russell`s philosophy of languageSinha, Bonani
1986A Critique of phenomenologySarkar, Sunil Kumar
2020-09Cross Border Mergers in India in the IBC Era: A Legal InquiryTiwari, Avin
2014Cross country diver sification of fund and risk management: lessons for Indian investorsRoy, Tamojit
2019-03Cross Cultural Marriages and the Problem of Adjustment in Conjugal LifeChhetri, Chandrani
2021-09Cryopreserved Pre-Embryos: An Exordium to the Person or Property Discourse in Indian Legal ContextChakraborty, Sanjit Kumar; Moneshaa