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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03Copper toxicity in plants: a review and a case study on teaSaha, Dipanwita; Mandal, Sima; Saha, Aniruddha
2016-03Copper toxicity In plants: a review and a case study on teaSaha, Dlpanwita; Mandal, Sima
2017Copyright infringement in hindi and bengali film industry in India: A critical study of the role of indian law enforcement mechanismChakraborty, Avishek
2012-09Copyright Protection for Computer Softwares and Databases: From Sweat of the Brow to Modicum of CreativityDas, J. K
2020Corporate entry into the jewellery business and its socio-economic impact on the life of the traditional swarnakars and jewellery traders in SiliguriRaha, Sylvia ,
2016-09Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the Environment Protection in India: An Analysis Under the Companies Act, 2013Haque, Abdul Jabbar
2019-09Corporate Social Responsibility vis-a-vis Corporate Environmental ResponsibilityTiwari, Mayank
1983Corporate tax structure in India and corporate behaviourPande, Durga Prasad
2013-03Corporatisation of land: It’s Dimensions and Process under the Different Legal SystemsBiswas, Diganta
2011-09Corporatized Agriculture and Social justice: Some ObservationsBiswas, Diganta
2009Correlation of fetal kidney length with gestational age in normal pregnancies among North Bengal population through ultrasonographic studiesChangdar, Jayanta
1989Correlations of certain physico - chemical properties of some ternary liquid mixtures with selected parameters of corresponding pure componentsDas, Jitesh Chandra
2007Correlations of physico-chemical properties of some organic solvent mixtureMitra, Uttam Kumar
1986Cosmic rays at sea-level 26 degree N, 79 degree EGhosh, Biswanath
2011Cosmological models in the higher derivative gravity and their different aspectsDebnath, Partha Sarathi
2009Cosmological models of the Early universePaul, Dilip
2011Cotton weaving industry of nadia 1773-1977 : a case study of santipur and phuliaMukherjee, Debashre
2017-03Counter Strategies to Combat Terrorism: A Study from the Religious and Ethical PerspectiveDas, Pratyusha
2021-03-31COVID-19 and Women Warriors in Health Sector in West BengalSaha, Priya Ranjan
2014-03Creation of Rasa or Aesthetic Experience: The Aim of Indian ArtChakraborty, Saswati