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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Cross Cultural Marriages and the Problem of Adjustment in Conjugal LifeChhetri, Chandrani
2021-09Cryopreserved Pre-Embryos: An Exordium to the Person or Property Discourse in Indian Legal ContextChakraborty, Sanjit Kumar; Moneshaa
1993Cultural and economic transformation of a small tribe in the Sub - Himalayas : a study of the TotosMajumdar, Bimalendu
2015-03Cultural dimension of ethnic identity: study on the Oraon tribe of North BengalTirkey, John Breakmas
2020-03Cultural Identity Crisis in The Age of Globalization and Technology: An Indian PerspectiveMd. Sirajul Islam
1992Cultural tourism in the Awadh region with special reference to Lucknow : a study in tourism & recreation geographySingh, Shalini
2013-03Culture of Tobacco Smoking in Mughal India: A Historical AnalysisDey, Palash
2017-03-31Culture shock at universities : suburban students and their experience of marginalityBhowmick, Arunima
2016-03Culture, Politics and Identities: Debating the idea of Indian NationalismKumari, Vandana
2018Current approaches to the theory of reference: critical observationBiswas, Gouranga,
2013-10Current Rehabilitation Status over the Issues of Displacement at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai: Some ObservationsPattanaik, Sarmistha; Sen, Amrita
2010-03Custodial Torture and Human Rights in IndiaMandal, Sangeeta
2012-09Cyber Crime and Judicial Response in IndiaDeb, Abhijeet
2020-09Cyber Crime Vis-À-Vis Violation of Massive Human Rights and Legislative Efficacy in IndiaHerode, Pramod J.
2010-09Cyber Crimes in India and the Challenges AheadDhupdale, Vivek Y
2019-09Cyber Terrorism and International Humanitarian LawSinha, Sreoshi
1983Cybernatics in identification modelling and prediction of flows and water quality of non-tidal riversSen Gupta, Subir Kumar
2005Cyclometallated compounds: synthesis, characterization and reactivityNeogi, Debatra Narayan
1989Cytogenetic study of the ethnic groups of Mongolian origin inhabiting North Bengal and adjoining areasChettri, Rabindra
1937Czechoslovak Cabinet Ministers on the complaints of the Sudete German Party in the Czechoslovak ParliamentCzechoslovak Cabinet Ministers