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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Theoretical investigation on aromaticity, magnetic exchange coupling and magnetic anisotropy in metal based systemsGoswami, Tamal
2020Theoretical investigation on the development of new aromatic systems and their applicationsHomray, Manoswita
1993A Theoretical study of photon fields near surfaces with application to photoemissionThapa, Ram Kumar
2012Theories of inference : some critical reflections on bauddha - Nyaya controversyBanik, Arati
2013Theoritical investigation of magnetic and electrical transport properties of molecules and radicalsShil, Suranjan
2017Theoritical investigation on spin wave instability and magnon mediated superconductivityKar, Rakesh
1980Theory and practice of constitutional amendments in India - a study of their impact on the Indian political processSengupta, Pradip Kumar
2014Theory and Practice of Constitutionalism and Constitutional Dynamics: A Study in the Context of Indians Federal Governance Since 1967Tabesum Begum
2015-03The Theory and Practice of Human Rights: The Need For Integration of the Two DimensionsDhar, Benulal
2009The Theory of entire and meromorphic functions and their critical investigationJha, Arindam
2018Theory of human needs: critical analysisBhattacharya, Swati
2020Theravadi buddhists of Siliguri: study of socio- cultural distinctiveness and exchangeChatterjee Sen, Aparna
2014Thermophysical studies on ionic liquids and amino acids in some liquid systemsEkka, Deepak
2020-12Thinking Beyond Gender: Tagore’s Chitrangada, the Breaking of the StereotypesSaha, Manika
1905Thirty five years in the East: Adventures, discoveries, Experiments and historical sketchesHonigberger, John Martin
2008Thomas Hardy`s representation of women : a study of his novelsBhattacharya, Ashim Kumar
2010-03Time-course accumulation of metabolites and expression of antioxidative enzymes in Glycine max under temperature stressPradhan, D; Chakraborty, U
2011Tista o torsha obabahika ancholer krishijiban o krishisanskriti তিস্তা ও তোর্ষা অববাহিত অঞ্চলের কৃষিজীবন ও কৃষিসংস্কৃতিSarkar, Sudhangshu
2015-09To Punish or Not to Punish: Attempt to Commit SuicideGhosal, Joydip