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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Role of Zilla Parisads in rural development : a study of Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri districts of North BengalDas, Parthasarathi
2008The Roll of extension in agriculture and health care : studies in two selected districts of North BengalBasu, Jayeeta
1962Romance & legend of ChivalryMoncrieff, A.R. Hope
2011-03Rorty’s Sociology of KnowledgeRay, Sutapa
2020-03Ross’s Version of Ethical Intuitionism: A Study in The Light of Moore And KantBhattacharyya, Anureema
2020-03-31Roy, Sinjini, 2019, LIFE OF THE MIDDLECLASS AGED IN KOLKATA. Kalpaz Publications: Delhi.ISBN110052. Pp. 255, Tables 35, Price: Rs. 850.Danda, Ajit K.
1898Rulers of India: the marquess cornwallis and the consolidation of British ruleSeton-Karr, W.S.
1994Rup theke rupantor : Tarashonkorer srijon kriyar ekti bishishto dik রূপ থেকে রূপান্তর : তারাশঙ্করের সৃজনক্রিয়ার একটি বিশিষ্ট দিকDutta Roy, Sanjib
2017Rupee-Dollar exchange rate volatility and uncovered interest rate parity doctrine- A time -series econometric study with beveridge Nelson decompositionSikdar, Suman
1999Rupnarayan Sinhaka Katha Ra Upanyasko Samaj sastriya addhayan रुपनारायण सिंहका कथा र उपन्यासको समाजशास्त्रीय अध्ययनSharma, Radha
1990Rural banking and economic development with special reference to "Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank"Sarkar, Malay Ranjan
1992Rural banking and priority sector : a case study of select backward areas of Malda districtMoitra (Sengupta), Madhumita
1979Rural credit co-operatives - its nature and problems : a study of six villages in Jalpaiguri district, North Bengal (1975-77)Ghoshdastidar, Chittaranjan
2014Rural Development and micro level planning: a case study on agricultural production planning in a rural economy of CoochbeharGhosh, Ranjit Kumar
1926The Rural economy of IndiaMukerjee, Radhakamal
2002Rural finance in agricultural sector of Bangladesh: present status and future development strategy for formal sector banksSarker, Rahul Amin
1981Rural indebtedness - its nature and problems : a study of six villages in Jalpaiguri district, North Bengal 1975-77Chakravarty, Shyamal
1978Rural leadership and rural development: a study in Jalpaiguri district, North Bengal (1973-75)Banerjee, S D
1988Rural leadership, Panchayat raj and rural developmentSinha, Ranjit
1983Rural settlement geography of the district of jalpaiguri in North Bengal (West Bengal)Barua, Radhika Charan