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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1974Ionization and conductivity in polar liquid dielectricsGhosh, Robin
1996IRDP, infrastructural projects and the needed model of planning (the case of a grass root economy)Chakraborty, Sudip
1937Ireland and the British empire 1937 :conflict and collaborationHarrison, Henry
1998Iris Murdoch : a study of her novelsRay, Girindra Narayan
1943Irish historical documents:1172-1922ed. by Curtis, Edmund; McDowell, R. B.
2005Irish nationalism and W B Yeats`s poetry : a critical studyLahiri (Maitra), Sarmila
2016Is Democracy Threatened by Political Parties? The Case of Islamic Republic of PakistanBiswas, Anandita
2016-09Is Disaster Really Manageable in India?Dutta, Soumya Pratik
2015-03Is Indian Philosophy Mystical?Padhi, Laxmikanta
2019-09Is it possible to create a Zero-Waste Environment in West Bengal?Saha, Monalisa
2016-03Is it Time to Decriminalize Attempted Suicide in India? – A ReviewGhosal, Ananya; Sarkar, Babu
2012-03Is New Riddle of Induction a form of Rule-following SkepticismSahu, Gopal
2016-03Is Sense-Object Contact Essential for Perceptual Knowledge?Chakraborty, Tapan Kumar
2011-03Is Tarka Pramana or an Accessory to a Pramana?: Some ObservationsRoy, Nirmal Kumar
2014-03Is Upamana a Pramana?: Some ObservationsRoy, Nirmal Kumar
2012Is-ought dichotomy : a critical reflectionSarkar, Bijay Kumar
2017-03Islamization of the Kamarupa Text 'Amritkunda'Adhikary, Chanchal
2018Isolation and biochemical characterization of L-myo inositol-1-phosphate synthase from asterella khasiana (Griff.) Grolle and Sphagnum junghuhnianum Doz. & Molk. of Darjeeling hillsYonzone, Sachina
2021Isolation and characterization of environmental aeromonads from North Bengal region with a special emphasis on their drug resistance and virulence genesDey Bhowmick, Uttara ,
2013Isolation and Characterization of phosphate solubilising microbes from darjeeling soils for their use as potential inocluants in upland farming systemSubba, Rashi