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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975Investigation on interaction with nucleons of high energy cosmic raymuonsNityalal, Karmakar
1978Investigation on naturally occurring carbocyclic compounds : isolation, structure elucidation and partial synthesis of triterpenes and related compoundsGoswami, Animesh
1982Investigation on photon interactions in matter I. elastic scattering of photons by atomic bound electrons II. elastic scattering of photons by electrostatic field of the nucleusSengupta, Swapan Kumar
2010Investigation on salt-solution and solution-solution properties by physico-chemical techniquesDas, Rajesh Kumar
1974Investigation on scattering of photonsSinha(Goswami), Brajanrani
2009Investigation on solute-solute, solute-solvent and solvent-solvent interactions prevailing in some liquid systemGhosh, Gargi
2017Investigation on solvation behaviour and host guest inclusion complexes of some significant molecules with diverse cyclic compoundsBarman, Siti,
1988Investigation on some 2-Alkylamido 6-chloro/Nitro-4H-1, 3, 2-Benjodi-oxaphosphorin-2 - Sulphides having pesticidal activitiesDasgupta, Jhinuk
1984Investigation on some 2-alkylamido-6-bromo/chloro/nitro saligenin cyclic phosphorus compounds having pesticidal activitiesMukherjee, Kallol Kumar
1990Investigation on some : 2-Alkylamido-6-Bromo-4ft-1,3,2 - Benzodioxaphosphorin 2-Sulphide : having pesticidal activitiesLahiri, Amaresh Chandra
2013Investigation on some achiral and chiral mesogemic systems by different experimental techniquesHaldar, Sripada
2020Investigation on some antiferroelectric liquid crystals and their mixturesDey, Kartick Chandra,
1982Investigation on some characteristic properties of glow dischargeDas, Sakti Pada.
1980Investigation on some cyclic phosphorothionates and related compounds having pesticidal activityDas, Dhirendra Kumar
1990Investigation on some of the physical processes occuring in glow and arc discharge plasmaAcharyya, Chandana
1991Investigation on some organophosphorus compounds having pesticidal activitiesMisra, Sutapa
1975Investigation on terpenoids and related compounds : partial synthesis of triterpenes, isolation and structure elucidation of triterpenes and related compoundsRay, Tapan Kumar
1988Investigation on the electrical and optical properties of arc plasmaGantait, Madhusudan
1975Investigation on the electronic spectra of some organic compoundsMandal, Krishnagopal
1981Investigation on the fungal flora of North BengalDewan, Bhumendra Bhushan