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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Interaction of organostannoxanes with some Keto acidsBiswas, Hiranmay
1985Interaction of some thiazine dyes with clay mineralsSunwar, Chandra Bahadur
2020-09Interface Between FRAND Licensing of Standard Essential Patents (SEPS) and Competition Law: Issues and ChallengesDevarhubli, Gururaj D.
2017-03Interface Between Technology and Society: A Study of the Legal IssuesDas, Atin Kumar
2018Interfacial kinetic and mechanistic studies on Dendrimer-liposome interactionsRoy, Biplab
1929Interim report of the Indian Statutory commissionIndian statutory commission
2006Interlocked multiplet problems in stellar atmosphereMukherjee, Anupam
2018-09The International HumanitarianLaw Principles and Its Applicability to Rohingya Situations?Alim, Md. Abdul
2014-03International Labour Organisation: Its Mission and Objectives with Global ReferenceRout, Chintamani
1953International ministry tribunal: for the far eastPal, R. B.
2020-03The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS): A New Horizon in International LawYadav, Neha
1968Internationalism and nationalismShao-chi, Liu
2020-03Internet Banking- A transformation Based on Technology from Traditional to Virtual BankingBhattacharjee, Abhijit; Chakraborty, Saikat
2017-09INTERPRETATION OF STATUTES (15th ed. 2015). by D.N. MATHUR, Central Law Publications, 107- Darbhanga castle, Allahabad- 211002. pp. 475. Price 320.Prasad, Biresh
2009-03Interpreting Bhakti : ChaitanyacharitamritaJash, Pranabananda
2016Interrogating the Citizenship Question in India: Debating Article 35A and Article 370Chakraborty, Ranjita
1990Intersection digraphs: an analogue of intersection graphsDas, Sipra
2018-03Intrinsic Value in Nature: Some Contemporary DebatesDas, Sashi Mohan
2020Intrinsic values in nature: some critical observationsDas, Sashi Mohan ,
2013-09“An Introduction to Administrative Law” Edited by Dr. Rathin Bandyopadhyay and Dr. Rajendra Dhar Dubey, Paragon International Publishers (New Delhi), 2013, Pages –xxi+341, Rs. 595, ISBN : 978-81- 89253-80-6.Moitra, Sanyukta