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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-31Journeys to autumnChakraborty, Jhuma
2013-09Judicial Approach regarding Mining Activities with Special Reference to the Concept of Sustainable DevelopmentSingh, Shamsher
2020-09Judicial Independence and Impartiality: A Sinking BeliefNaveed Naseem; Qayoom, Shaista
2013-03Judicial Review and Policy Decisions: Emerging PerspectivesMozika, Jyoti Jajodia
2018-03Judicial Review of Policy Decisions of the Government: New Challenges and Dimensions of Judiciary in IndiaMandal, Sangeeta
2014Judicial review under indian constitution: its reach and contentsMandal, Sangeeta,
2009Judiciary and social change in India : a study of some of supreme court judgements on social welfare legislations for backward classes since 1967Roy, Munmun
2015-09Judiciary as a Protagonist in Reforming the Administration, Admission and Fee Structure of Minority Educational Institutions in IndiaBiswas, Sujit Kumar
2015Judiciary in India: The Dialogic SpaceChakraborty, Ranjita
2014-03Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Tribunals and International Criminal Court over International Crimes: Shift from Primacy to ComplementarityGhatak, Avik
2020-09Jurisprudence of Delivery in Consumer Contract in ECommerce: A Critical Appraisal of The Consumer Protection Law in IndiaJehirul, Islam
2014-03A Just World: Myth or RealitySaha, Debika
1885Justice and policeMaitland, F. W.
2019-03JUSTICE IN ROBES (2010) by Ronald Dworkin, Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd., G.T. Karnal Road, Delhi – 110033, pp. 1 + 308, Price Rs. 375Dey Sarkar, Soma
2011-09“Justice of Compensation”: Unravelling the Notion of Justice among the Zo/Mizo TribesChakraborty, Anup Shekhar
2012-03The Justification of Human Existence: An Ethical ApproachHaldar, Buddhiswar
2012-03Justifying Physician-Assisted SuicideDe, Bhaswati
2020-09Jute and Sustainable Development- A Study of Its Socio- Economic and Environmental ProspectsChakraborty, Ruchita
1994Jute cultivation in the North Bengal region of West Bengal - its problems and prospects with special reference to period since independenceSengupta, Satyabrata
2006Kabi Jagajjiban Ghosaler manasamangal puthi sampadana, path bichar o kabya bislesan কবি জগজ্জীবন ঘোষালের মানাসমঙ্গল পুঁথি সম্পাদনা, পাঠ বিচার ও কাব্য বিশ্লেষণMukherjee, Nabanita